The registrations to the NUTS Trail Running event are operated by the RaceResult registration service.

When you register to our event, you receive a registration confirmation email. To the confirmation email there is attached both, your payment recipe and your self-service link to your personal registration details.

If you are member of the group / team registration, the group registration link has been sent to the leader of your group, who is the first listed name on your group registration.
Only the leader can see and make changes to each member of the group via the group registration link.


If are not able to participate the event you can either sell forward your participation or postpone it to the next year’s event.

You can sell your participation to another person independently by using your self-service link.

The buyer pays straight to you. You re-write your registration details by the details of the buyer. Be sharp that you write the email address of the buyer correctly. Save the changes. After that the RaceResult service will send a confirmation email about updated registration to the email address of the buyer. At the same the control of the self-service link shifts to the buyer. Job done!

People are selling and buying places to our events e.g. at our Facebook Event pages.

NUTS Karhunkierros Event 2019

NUTS Ylläs Pallas Event 2019

Pyhä Tunturimaraton Event 2019


You can postpone your participation right to the next year’s event.

Please send your postpone request to

Note: Follow your email before the next year’s registration begins. The RaceResult service will send you a request to confirm and to activate your registration to the next year’s event.