Racing through the open fells in northern Finland

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The NUTS Pallas Ultra Skyrace was run in northern Finland, in the national park of Pallas-Yllästunturi. The 125 km race is a part if the Skyrunning Nordic National Series, and follows the hiking route on top of the fells. The runners set off at midnight in order to enjoy the magic of the nightless night as they race through the beautiful scenery towards Pallas and Hetta.

The pace for the men’s competition was set already during the night, as Antti Lepistö flew over the fells with good speed. His lead grew steadily and was 40 minutes at the end of the race. Second came slovenian Toni Vencelj who struggled through the race despite having problems already at the first part of the race. Third man in the finish was Mikael Heerman.

Finishing times for the top three men were Lepistö 13.40.51, Vencelj 14.20.46 and Heerman 15.21.22.

Also in the women’s race the winner was clear. Katja Kegl Vencelj fro Slovenia finished her race in time 16.27.52. Keg Vencelj commented her race tough but beautiful. Second and third women were Anna Marin and Saara Päätalo, who run together for a while on the second part of the race.

Finishing times for the top three women were Kegl Venclej 16.27.52, Marin 18.25.55 and Päätalo 18.39.25.